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Commercial, Intellectual Property and Technology Lawyer

“Not too long ago, ‘tech businesses’ referred to software, SaaS, e-Commerce, and startup companies. Nowadays, however, most businesses have technology at their core.

Before starting my legal career 12 years ago, I owned, managed, and sold tech businesses.  I therefore deeply understand the risks and opportunities in relation to technology, privacy & cybersecurity, intellectual property, commercial transactions, consumer protection, corporate structures, and asset protection matters.

My background in technology and business, combined with my legal experience, allows me to assist modern organisations more effectively and precisely with their legal requirements.”

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Nik Halik

Civilian Astronaut, International Investor & New York Times Best Selling Author

“Ben Waldeck has provided astute advice that has been instrumental and significantly beneficial to my brand and global organisations. Ben’s hands-on consulting expertise in e-Commerce, marketing, cryptocurrencies and cloud systems sets him apart. I recommend Ben’s services with confidence.”

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Legal Services

Technology Law

Prior to Ben’s career as an intellectual property and technology lawyer, he owned and managed web and application development companies. His passion for tech and law drives him to deliver quality client advice and results.

Ben now enjoys assisting software, technology, and startup companies with the following types of legal matters:

  • Intellectual property advice regarding copyright and trade marks
  • Privacy and data protection advice – including notifiable data breaches
  • Cybersecurity and data frameworks
  • Software and IP licensing agreements
  • Terms and conditions for SaaS and mobile apps
  • Software development contracts
  • Copyright advice – including site-blocking orders.

Commercial Law

Ben is a commercial lawyer who provides advice across a range of transactional and font-end matters. With experience in the mining, defence, transport, education, technology, and fintech sectors, Ben legal and commercial acumen allows him to provide practical legal solutions to organisations of all sizes.

Ben also provides the following types of commercial contracts:

Intellectual Property Law

Ben provides legal advice to organisations wanting to protect their intellectual property that subsists in brands, computer code, data & information, technical drawings, and more. He also registers Australian and international trade marks.

In addition to IP protection, Ben also assists entrepreneurs and organisations with their commercialisation efforts, including go-to-market strategies, due diligence, and licensing.

Ben also regularly offers advice and assistance with IP dispute resolution, litigation, and implementation of IP frameworks.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Disputes can be complex. That is why Ben works collaboratively with his clients to form a clear and practical strategy, which often helps alleviate the stress of dispute resolution and litigation. It can also give those involved in disputes confidence and peace of mind despite the challenging situations in which they find themselves. 

After carefully examining the facts and evidence, uncovering the other side’s position, and assessing the potential risks, Ben helps his clients gain the clarity required to make informed decisions on the appropriate strategy to get desired results.


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Helping you to protect intellectual property and confidential information

  • Brands
  • Source code
  • Technical data and drawings
  • Business processes
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Commercial, Intellectual Property & Technology Lawyer
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