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Commercial, IP & IT Lawyer

For Modern and Leading-Edge Companies


I am a Commercial, IP and Technology lawyer based in Queensland, Australia.

I help modern organisations mitigate legal risks, overcome legal challenges, and navigate the complexities of the legal landscape.

My background in business and tech significantly benefits clients when combined with the legal skills and experience I have gained over the last decade.

If you require legal assistance or want to chat, click here to contact me.

Nik Halik

Civilian Astronaut, International Investor & New York Times Best Selling Author

“Ben Waldeck has provided astute advice that has been instrumental and significantly beneficial to my brand and global organisations. Ben’s hands-on consulting expertise in e-commerce, marketing, cryptocurrencies and cloud systems sets him apart. I recommend Ben’s services with confidence.”

Where Nik has appeared:

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Helping you protect your business

  • Commercial agreements
  • Trade marks
  • Privacy
  • Technology
  • Dispute resolution