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Technology lawyer working on a software contract on laptop.

Your Trusted Australian Technology Lawyer

As a technology lawyer, Ben Waldeck is here to guide Australian businesses through the intricate legal landscape of technology law. With a focus on commercial, intellectual property, and dispute resolution matters, Ben is your trusted advisor in the rapidly evolving tech world.

Expertise in Technology Law

Ben provides comprehensive legal advice and support in relation to software, web, app, and technology matters. He understands the unique challenges of technology, and his expertise is tailored to address those issues head-on.

Ben can assist you in navigating the complexities of technology law.

Addressing Technology Law Challenges

The realm of technology law presents unique challenges for businesses, including software licensing, commercialisation, privacy, and data protection. Ben is well-acquainted with these challenges and has the expertise to help businesses overcome them.

Cybersecurity – Protecting Your Business

In an era of increasing cyber threats, safeguarding your business from potential attacks is paramount. Ben provides comprehensive legal assistance related to cybersecurity, including cyber risk assessments, data breach response strategies, and incident response planning.

Australia has seen a growing emphasis on cybersecurity regulations and compliance. Ben stays up-to-date with these regulations, ensuring that your business remains legally compliant and well-prepared to face cybersecurity challenges.

Privacy & Data Protection – Navigating Legal Obligations

In Australia, there is a complex web of legislation, regulations, and government guidance related to data privacy and protection. Failure to comply can lead to fines, legal action, and reputational damage. Ben assists businesses in understanding their legal obligations, compliance with regulations, and managing data breaches effectively to protect their interests.

Circuit Layout Rights – Specialised Expertise

Ben also offers support in the field of circuit layout rights. Designing electronics and circuit layouts requires a deep understanding of the Circuit Layouts Act. Ben can provide guidance to authors of circuit layout rights and legal services related to disputes involving circuit layouts.

Technology, Software & Source Code Disputes – Resolving Conflicts

Disputes over source code, software, and licensing are commonplace in the technology sector. Such conflicts can be costly and disruptive. Ben helps businesses understand their legal rights and obligations, reviews relevant agreements, and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of their positions.

His expertise allows for effective dispute resolution through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or litigation.

Legal Agreements

Ben can assist with a range of tech-related legal documents.

IT Procurement Contracts

Efficiently procuring IT services and products is crucial for the success of technology companies. Ben can guide you through various types of IT contracts to ensure that agreements align with your business objectives and protect your interests.

Software Development Agreements

Software development is the lifeblood of technology companies. Ben specialises in drafting and negotiating software development agreements, ensuring they meet your business’s needs while safeguarding your intellectual property.

Privacy, Data Protection, and Cybersecurity

In today’s data-driven world, privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity are paramount. Ben provides legal assistance in these critical areas, offering cyber risk assessments, data breach response strategies, and incident response planning.

Intellectual Property (IP) and Software Licensing Agreements

Protecting your intellectual property is a fundamental aspect of technology law. Ben can assist with IP and software licensing agreements, ensuring that your valuable assets are safeguarded and that you receive fair compensation for their use.

SaaS Licence and User Agreements

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreements require meticulous legal attention. Ben can help you create SaaS licence and user agreements that align with your business model and provide clarity for your clients.

Shareholders’ Agreements

For tech startups, shareholders’ agreements are essential in defining ownership and governance structures. Ben can assist in crafting these agreements to prevent potential conflicts and protect your business’s future.

Reseller Agreements

When you rely on resellers to distribute your technology products or services, a well-drafted reseller agreement is vital. Ben can help you establish mutually beneficial terms that protect your business interests.

Master Services Agreements

Master services agreements are at the core of many technology business relationships. Ben can ensure these agreements reflect your unique requirements and foster productive partnerships.

Cloud and Web Hosting Agreements

Cloud and web hosting agreements must provide reliability and security for your online operations. Ben can review and negotiate these contracts to safeguard your data and maintain your business’s continuity.

Terms and Conditions for Online and eCommerce Businesses

In the digital realm, clear and comprehensive terms and conditions are a necessity. Ben can create terms and conditions tailored to your online or eCommerce business, helping you avoid disputes and protect your interests.

Payment and Direct Debit Terms Agreements

Efficient payment processing is essential for any technology company. Ben can help you create payment and direct debit terms agreements that facilitate financial transactions and minimise risk.

Why Choose Ben?

Ben is not just another lawyer; he’s a technology expert with a legal background. Here’s why clients choose him for their technology-related legal needs:

Deep Understanding: Ben possesses a profound knowledge of both technology and the law, making him uniquely equipped to address your legal concerns in the tech sector.

Negotiation and Litigation Skills: As a skilled negotiator and litigator, Ben ensures that your interests are protected, whether you’re negotiating contracts or facing complex legal disputes.

Proven Success: Ben boasts a track record of success in handling intricate matters related to cybersecurity, privacy, software licensing, and software litigation.

Trusted Advisor: Clients value Ben not just for his legal expertise but also for his role as a trusted advisor. He is readily available to answer questions and guide you through the legal intricacies of technology law.

When your business’s future depends on technology, you need a legal professional who comprehends the nuances of both law and technology. Ben’s background in technology, combined with his legal experience, provides his clients with a distinct advantage.

Serving Clients Across Australia

While Ben primarily operates in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, he also serves clients across the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and more. Distance is no barrier to accessing expert technology law guidance. Ben is here to help you protect your business from cyber threats, privacy breaches, and software infringement.

Contact Ben Waldeck Today

In the fast-paced world of technology, having a trusted legal advisor by your side is invaluable. Ben Waldeck is your go-to technology lawyer in Australia, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact Ben today to discuss how he can assist you with your technology-related legal requirements. Your business’s success and security depend on it.

Contact Ben Waldeck and empower your business with expert technology law guidance.