Data Protection and Privacy is everyone’s responsibility.

Privacy Law Advice – Notifiable Data Breaches

There are harsh financial penalties for companies and individuals who fail to fulfil their legal responsibilities relating to data breaches. The Notifiable Data Breach Scheme under the Privacy Act requires businesses to report data breaches that may cause serious harm.

Businesses are encouraged by the Australian Office of Information Commissioner to have data breach response plan in place to help them comply with the Privacy Act and the associated Australian Privacy Principles.

Ben Waldeck can provide the following privacy legal advice regarding data:
– assessment of whether a notifiable data breach has occurred
– reporting of notifiable data breaches
– preparing a data breach response plan

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Data Theft

Data theft is becoming incredibly prevalent. Companies must be aware of the preventative measures that can be implemented. For example, employee agreements and policies must stipulate data handling responsibilities, data access limits, personal device restrictions and implications if those requirements are breached.

When data theft occurs, swift action must be taken – but it must be the correct action. Employers need to be advised on whether they should investigate data theft or hire an investigator, whether they can stand down an employee until an investigation is undertaken, if and when the police should be notified and what civil and criminal actions may be taken against data thieves.

Getting the right advice is critical. Ben and the team can provide the necessary answers and prepare an action plan to address data theft the right way.

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