Litigation Lawyers Gold Coast and Brisbane

Ben is part of the team at Coast to Coast Legal, who has significant experience in dispute resolution and commercial litigation in the QLD State Courts and the Federal Court system.

Our focus is to resolve commercial disputes as efficiently as possible without unnecessary frustration. We achieve this by working closely with you while keeping you informed of developments and adhering to your instructions throughout the life of your matter.  This is important as we believe communication and proper case management is critical in matters involving disputes.

We begin by establishing whether any facts are in dispute and assess the strength of the relevant parties’ evidence and then provide comprehensive written advice setting out your legal position.  This step-by-step approach will allow you to have greater confidence in the direction you wish to take.

Please see the types of disputes below, that Ben and the team at Coast to Coast Legal have the necessary experience to assist with.

Contractual Disputes and Litigation

There can be many disputes that can happen under commercial agreements.  Enforcing contractual rights is something that Ben has experience in, as does the team at Coast to Coast Legal.

Intellectual Property Disputes and Litigation

We assist with protecting rights and interests in copyright, particularly regarding software source code, including compilations and adaptations. Ben has a background in technology which means that he is able to quickly understand and get across your matter.  Ben’s clients often comment that it is refreshing to talk to a lawyer who understands their technology, as well as their business & revenue models.  It is this intimate understanding of technology that gives Ben’s clients the edge when resolving disputes involving software.

Aside from copyright litigation, Ben and the team also assist with registered trade mark matters under the Trade Marks Act as well as common law trade marks that are protected under the Australian Consumer Law’s misleading and deceptive conduct provisions and under the tort of “passing off”.

We can also assist in objecting to trade mark registration of an infringing mark, and respond to trade mark oppositions from others who are trying to prevent your trade mark from being registered.

Partnership Disputes and Litigation

Business partnerships can result in disputes for a myriad of reasons.  Our approach is to take disputes step by step. This means we carefully consider a number of factors, before deciding on a strategy to resolve the dispute in conjunction with you.  Those factors include the company’s status, employees, the allegations, the nature of the dispute and the willingness of the partner to resolve the dispute amicably as well as the parties’ appetite for litigation.

Whether you are defending a dispute or considering commencing litigation, Ben and the team at Coast to Coast Legal have the litigation and dispute resolution experience to assist you to move forward with confidence.  Further, if litigation is the only way forward we provide you with a range of options and strategies to consider.

Shareholder Disputes and Litigation

Shareholder disputes such as shareholder oppression can occur where one or more of the majority of shareholders of a company act in an oppressive manner that prejudices minority shareholders, or group of shareholders.

Aside from the shareholder oppression provisions that are available under the Corporations Act, shareholder disputes can also arise due to improper management or incorrect application of the company’s shareholders’ agreement or constitution or by the conduct of directors or officers of the company.

Property Disputes and Litigation

Real property such as land, house and land, units and commercial property area areas that Coast to Coast legal is able to assist with.  Disputes under REIQ House and Land Contracts, commercial lease disputes and litigation of retail shop leases are something that the team has the experience to help you with.

Other areas of litigation include building and construction disputes.

Employment Disputes and Litigation

We have experience in providing advice where employers are seeking to enforce terms of employment agreements such as restraints and confidentiality, as well as ascertaining whether employees have breached their employment agreement. We also advise employers on matters relating to matters involving dismissal and wrongful dismissal.

Disputes and Litigation if Wills in Queensland

Experience in litigation involving wills, including contesting a will and challenging a will in Queensland.  I have created a website that is dedicated to contesting wills in Qld.

The Litigation Process in QLD

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