Technology & Intellectual Property Lawyer

For software, technology and startup companies in Australia.

Ben is a lawyer who has a real-world, hands-on background in e-Commerce, web & SaaS development, tech project management. This experience puts Ben’s clients at a distinct advantage because he intimately understands the challenges that founders, managers & entrepreneurs face – as he has navigated many of the same challenges in the past.

From a legal perspective, Ben assists tech and startup companies with intellectual property (IP), company structures, software license agreements, legal compliance and corporate governance. As well as a variety of commercial contracts such as shareholders’ agreements and legal documents such as terms of service.

Many of Ben’s clients say it is refreshing to speak to a lawyer that deeply understands their technology. People are becoming disillusioned by some ‘tech & startup lawyers’ who try to fit in by using a few tech buzzwords. They don’t really ‘get it’. Ben believes it is crucial to understand the technology used, in order to protect the company’s interests adequately.

In addition to providing legal advice, Ben regularly assist clients with marketing and business systems, strategy and general business advice. Legal advice provided in conjunction with consulting goes hand-in-glove. Ben’s clients take advantage of 360 degree legal, business and tech advice, which enables the company owners to ahead with security, clarity and confidence.